Self-Employed Accounting Software

That reassures us that if you do experience a problem, they’ll help you solve it quickly. For this reason we would say that Quickbooks is most definitely a good idea for most businesses to invest in, especially smaller ones. All of the packages work on a ‘cancel any time’ basis so you won’t get locked […]

Difference Between Product Costs and Period Costs Examples

Period costs include selling expenses and administrative expenses that are unrelated to the production process in a manufacturing business. Selling expenses are incurred to market products and deliver them to customers. Administrative expenses are required to provide support services not directly related to manufacturing or selling activities. However, other labor, such as secretarial or janitorial […]

What is the Journal Entry for Discount Received?

Discount allowed acts as an additional expense for the business and it is shown on the debit side of a profit and loss account. Trade discount is not shown in the main financial statements, however, cash discount and other types of discounts are supposed to be recorded in the books of accounts. However, in the net method, we […]

How Do Dividend Distributions Affect Additional Paid-In Capital?

Shareholder equity represents the amount left over for shareholders if a company paid off all of its liabilities. To see how retained earnings impact shareholders’ equity, let’s look at an example. Finally, as with everything else regarding investment record keeping, it is up to individual investors to track and report things correctly. If you have purchases at […]

Church Software for Ministry & Finances Icon Systems

Also, the software doesn’t contain payroll; however, they do link with Gusto to handle payroll. You can buy add-on functions, such as check-ins or mass mailings if you demand more flexibility than the main application provides. You can stuff your receipts into one of our Magic Envelopes (prepaid postage within the US). Use our receipt […]